Served all day Monday — Sunday. Many of our dishes can be enjoyed in a vegan or gluten-free incarnation, so please ask.

Wattleseed, Davidson plum, and buckwheat granola w/ natural yoghurt, rhubarb jam and saffron poached pears (gf) (v avail)  14

Raspberry smoothie bowl, coconut yoghurt, pineapple and passionfruit, hemp seed, cacao nibs, toasted coconut (gf) (v) 15

Passionfruit curd brioche, Kristen Allen’s labneh, torched Italian meringue, banana, house made notella, hazelnuts  16

Sourdough toast from our house baked loaves (white, heritage grain,
gf+2) with butter and choice of house made jam, peanut butter, notella or vegemite 6

Two poached eggs on sourdough (white, heritage grain, gf+2) served w/ house relish  12

Avocado toast, spicy green tahini, witlof and frisée salad, aleppo chilli and lemon dressing, pomegranate, Meredith marinated feta   (v avail)  17

Hash browns, sautéed broccoli and cavolo nero, poached eggs and green goddess sauce (gf) (v avail)  21

Huarache brekkie bowl, black beans and pulled jackfruit, pickled jalapeños, pineapple chilli salsa, fermented chilli mayo, avocado, frisée salad, chilli dressing (v) (gf) 18

Fried rice bowl; biodynamic brown rice stir-fried with chilli, ginger, soy, shiitake mushroom and broccoli w/ two fried eggs and fermented chilli hot sauce (gf) (v avail)  21

Sourdough crumpet, spicy green tahini, deep fried cauliflower, harissa oil, pistachio and pink peppercorn dukkah  20

Mezze plate; labneh, muhammara, yalangi, green chilli tahini, pistachio and pink peppercorn dukkah, pickled celery, harissa oil, aleppo pepper, nigella seed flatbread (v avail) 22

Panko crumbed mushroom and pepperberry chèvre burger on a charcoal bun, with savoy cabbage slaw, pickled celery, dill and gherkin aioli. Served with potato skins and tomato beetroot salad (v avail) 21



Poached egg ciabatta w/ fermented chilli aioli, savoy cabbage slaw, pickled celery and fresco cheese. 14

Fried egg ciabatta w/ mushroom, haloumi and beetroot relish 12




Black coffee, made on guest single origin 4

Milk coffee, Microlot house blend  4

Filter coffee, made on guest single origin (refill +2) 5

Affogato with mascarpone and wattleseed gelato 7

Organic raw cacao hot chocolate 5

Rose and cardamom hot chocolate 5

Sticky Chai; raw honey soaked chai 5/6

Turmeric, ginger and almond milk latte w/ raw honey (v avail) 6

Organic English Breakfast, French Earl Grey, Australian sencha, organic relax, after dinner mint, Organic lemongrass and ginger  5    

Soy milk, decaf, mocha  +0.5
Almond milk, macadamia milk, baby cino, extra shot +1



Fresh orange juice  5.5

Rainy Lane cold pressed juice (ask staff for specials)  7

Cold brew with citrus  5

Iced latte/iced long black (still or sparkling)  5

Iced tea (see board for specials)  6

Sparkling mineral water (free refill)  5

Foraging for berries sparkling iced tea w/ lemon and mint 6

Two Chaps soda (see board for specials)  6

Pineapple and passionfruit lemonade with fresh mint  6

Wild fermented water kefir (see board for specials)  6

Iced turmeric, ginger and almond milk latte w/ maple syrup (v) 6

Iced Sticky Chai 6

Iced chocolate (v avail)  (+2 w/espresso) 6

Iced coffee w/ mascarpone and wattleseed gelato  8

Banana, date, and house peanut butter smoothie w/ almond milk and cacao nib (v) 8

Most of our drinks are available vegan, please ask staff for details

10% surcharge Weekends and Public Holidays